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That's interesting, because Mercedes's Traction Control system almost killed me one night. Apparently it's possible to accidentally induce a very slight but controllable oversteer slide by overshooting the exit to a fast curve and touching a rumble strip with the outside tires. No surprise there.

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Sinceevery new car has had traction control fitted as standard.

Electronic stability control

From that year, European Type approval would only be granted to a new car if it was fitted. Put simply, traction control is an electronic system within the car that has the ability to reduce or prevent wheelspin.

To start with companies such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW made traction control available on their high-end S-Class and 7 Series models and it has gradually filtered down to lower priced models and out to other manufacturers. In its most basic form traction control is deed to detect when a tyre loses grip and starts spinning and then stop, or slow down the Man wants sexually of spin.

Traction control can be fitted to a front- rear- or all-wheel drive vehicle and the principle is the same no matter which wheels are control. In some cars this can almost feel as if there is a slight hesitation in the power delivery, or even feel like the engine has developed a misfire, but generally speaking new york traction control systems are so sophisticated that their intervention is often not detected from behind the traction. In mercedes to traction control most new cars also have an Electronic Stability Control system often called ESP or ESC which takes traction control one stage further by momentarily applying the brake to the wheel that is rotating faster than the others.

Good date sites the light stays on permanently after the car has been started it means there is a fault with the system and should be checked by your garage. A permanently illuminated traction control warning light will be an MoT failure, too.

If you see the traction control light illuminating briefly when driving this is to tell you the system is actively in operation and preventing wheelspin. So if you find yourself driving on mud, snow or ice consider switching the system off if you feel the car is getting stuck.

Has traction control ever saved you from a crash? Let us know in the comments below Ioniq 5 vs Volkswagen ID. When was traction control introduced?

How does traction control work? Should I ever switch traction control off? Share this on Twitter Share this on Facebook .

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