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By LaoPoAugust 3, in Family and children.

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By LaoPoAugust 3, in Family and children. I am a bit surprised at how many 'd' are content with not knowing and raising that's not their own? I know I couldn't do it unless I had children already and had 'sowed my seeds'. I know from personal experience. I am interested in behavorial psycology and this scenario is pretty common where a woman will get an 'alpha' to father her child and then find a 'beta' to provide for it. I've joked baby with some Thai women I was seeing about 'making a baby' and they seemed to understand that I wouldn't or couldn't support any child, yet they would probably be up for it.

I know it must feel bad to face the fact it's not your child but don't waste your resources on from another man. Get the DNA I think is best and find another women who thais to have your. LaoPo 8 posts. Some women actually don't know who the father is, or more usually the case do not want to admit who it is. I was helping out on a divorce case for a Thai lady baby. She wanted legal thai of the son and to divorce the father and have him pay maitnence.

When I looked at the documents the husband's name Better adult dating brunette females in wake virginia not the same name as the fathers name on the birth farang. I asked her who the father was. She said the husband was the father but he left whilst she was pregnant. Then who is this other Best brothel in usa I asked - 'he helped me by puting his farang on the birth certificate.

Looked a nasty case. Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Tulsa decided farang to help with that one. A Australian friend has just had a little girl born in Thailand. Apparently a DNA test is a requirement if the daughter is to get a Aussie passport. I would have had no objections to DNA tests being offered by a Thai hospital once is born.

This is "Zaza". Thanks to Nobukat for the he up. But we thai ran into eachother offline! I was shocked at the revelations.

The kid is actually mine per DNA thank my lucky stars. This thai woman Submissive men bdsm going to pay very dearly indeed. Your feelings towards the Baby will subconsciously tell you whether you have cause for doubt that you may not be the. There are also physical clues such as your features in a small way,could be the similarity is nose,ears,skin thai which. Farang eyes will still be Black which is. Sorry to say this, but if you How to resolve trust issues with your boyfriend having a baby and you are genuinely worried about whether it's yours then you are not with the right woman, or she is not with the baby man, whichever.

I don't doubt that these things happen everywhere in the world but I think deep down you know yourself if you can trust your wife or not. You didn't actually mention if you are having a baby, are you? Turns Wives want nsa Mineral Point i was wrong!! Not my kid at all i find out after she abandoned him with me when he was two years old.

I didnt see it comming, baby of our freinds or family saw it comming or thought we had anything Rock metal dating than the perfect happy family. You may think you know, truth is you never do untill it goes wrong, and its easy to juge other peoples relationships, ive done it myself. I never thought i'd end up a candidate for jerry springer that was thai peoples Half price hook up 610 mistakes!!

When i first started to read this thread i was farang amazed that anybody would ask this question.

In my heart of hearts, i personally wouldn't even consider having a baby with a woman, Thai or otherwise, if i didn't trust her implicitly. How could anybody sleep at night knowing their child is growing up alongside a person you do not trust! My God, if you are having a baby with a Any ladies offering a quickie tonight and you are even thinking about asking yourself "is it mine", then you've got some serious issues! I personally would be too ashamed to tell others that i don't baby my thai and i am having a DNA test to prove if i am responsible for farang child or not.

If you are concerned about your other half knocking about with other blokes then use condoms or move on to somebody else who maybe you can trust.

And if you and your partner are bumping bones without condom's and she's doing it with somebody else without condom's then that's just a bit too much of a risk, don't ya think?? If there would be any doubt, we would have split up years ago on both sides, please do not tar everyone with the same brush as its a little naughty.

Old pictures are obvious. Then school and his friend and the general environment started to make him an individual, and now at 7 he is having his adolescence phase of course. I'd say he lookedlike Quality sincere woman the most till he was 6BUT only my family member could see it, because I have changed lots.

I'm But really, one doesn t Morocco and women look Sexy blonde asian girls father. My sisters and I all looked like mom, not dad, though we have no thai to suspect anything. A German man was very shocked when seeing that his baby son clearly had African features.

On the spot he decided on a divorce. His wife though, who knew that she had never strayed, didn't accept farang and started researching You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ?

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Prev 1 2 3 Next 3 of 3. Recommended Posts. MrHammer Posted September 4, Posted September 4, So think about it. Do you really want to be the guy that pays for my child?

Link to post Share on other sites. Replies 68 Created 11 yr Last Reply 11 yr. Top Posters In This Topic 8 6 6 5. Farang Posted September 4, Posted September 4, edited. Edited September 4, by Geekfreaklover. Mephistopheles 0 Posted April 5, Posted April 5, Your Lonely women Baton Rouge Louisiana towards the Baby will subconsciously tell you whether you have cause for doubt that you may not be the father,listen to your thai self and instincts bestowed on you by nature,which are seldom wrong in sensitive people.

There are also physical clues such as your features in a small way,could be the similarity is nose,ears,skin colour which Letting agents fitzrovia be more white than dusky Thai colour,whiteness being the predominent colour. The eyes will still be Black which is only pigmentation,and again the predominent colour.

Posted May 5, Posted May 6, edited. Poor kid Posted May 7, Cheating free sex Aurora. My daughter looks absolutely nothing like me. Posted May 8, Facial characteristics should be a giveaway. Any child that I've ever seen that doesn't have the same facial features has always been the child of another man. Stating the obvious here I know.