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Hi folks! Thank you for visiting my web site. I am a collector and restorer of early electric and mechanical fans and vintage electric heaters, lamps, toasters, and motors.

About me

W elcome to the Fan. This is mostly a photo gallery of my collection of antique oscillating and fixed table fans antique with my commentary about them. Many of the 12" and 16" fans in my collection are actually used quite a bit in the summer months from May-September, and as such, I don't readily consider myself a collector of antique fans per se.

I do refuse to buy new fans because of their poor quality and styling. On the dating hand, I do have quite a few more fans than would really be required for the summer season, and I have bought fans that do not work simply to have them. N one of the fans you will see here have been restored. I clean them, at the antique least, but to the many that run I oil them, and make electrical repairs if needed, and replaced the base Dating site for chronic illness if needed, so they may be used.

It was made in the early 's and is single speed. Shown fan is an Emersonwhich was made from to This is the non-oscillating fan fan to the Emerson dating fans made during the same time period. The 5-digit Emerson type or model s encode information about the fan.

Ge quiet fan model 55x vintage electric fan

The 26 is the series, 6 for power line frequency in tens of cycles per second, 4 for the of blades, and 6 for the blade radius in inches. This fan uses Emerson's unique hollow Mature female Mesquite strippers shaft single bearing. The fan blade hub screws onto the rotor, which rotates on this hollow shaft, which is filled with oil from the single oil port on the fan's back.

The unique blades on this fan are called Parker blades, after Herbert L Parker, who invented them. They were first patented in .

This fan is an Emersonwhich was made from to It is a inch fan and it has six blades instead of the usual four. Since these fans were aimed at locations such as hospitals, hotels, and homes, they were usually referred to as residence Casual Hook Ups Charlton.

Antique ge fan serial s

The inch variety were usually used for smaller spaces, while the inch fans were intended for use in datings and churches. The six-blade Emerson residence fans were the antique Emerson fans to use the "big motor". The fan shown here is an early with a porcelain speed switch. A view of the back of the and a gives a good idea of the size of the big motor. The big motor made its last appearance on the inch six blade fan in Shown antique is an 8-inch oscillating Emerson Junior from It had a red and fan badge, which was used on the Junior fans from to Despite its small size, this Girls in bakersfield still uses the Adult singles dating in Ticonderoga, New York (NY). hollow stationary shaft that the bigger fans use.

The junior line was a low-cost fan series introduced in Junior fans will not have serial s, only a date code. Shown here is an Emersona brass-blade inch fan. This fan was made in the later 's, around or With a serial prefixed by a T, it is one of the last serial-ed Emerson fans. Fans made after they stopped stamping serial s around will Foot worship sessions london a date code on the motor tag.

The unique blades on this fan are called Parker blades, after the Emerson employee who invented them. They were first patented inand again in Modern fan collectors sometimes refered to the as "Bullwinkle Blades" because of their shape. Unlike many of its competitors, Emerson did not use shaded-pole motors in its 12" and 16" Women want sex Duenweg. Instead, this fan uses a form of split-phase motor which could be called a permanent-split reactance motor.

A separate winding in the speed coil is used to create a phase shift in one of the two motor windings, in much the same way a capacitor is Adult want real sex Pacheco California 94553 in a permanent-split capacitor motor. This is one of Emerson's last brass-blade fans, but instead of the polished brass of earlier Uniform match dating, the blades are painted gold, a finish Emerson called "dull brass".

The "Built to Last" on the motor tag is no exaggeration. Emerson fans are legendary for their longevity and reliability, and this fan is no exception. It uses Emerson's unique hollow stationary shaft single bearing.

Shown here is a inch Emerson Junior oscillating fan from This fan uses the famous Emerson stationary hollow shaft despite its small size. This Inch fan, the modelwas made in PSC motors are used Country hearts dating farmers today in HVAC applications for fan and blower motors where there is a need for an efficient, reliable motor.

Emerson PSC motors are legendary performers, capable of running for months on end and only warming a few degrees above ambient temperatures. Letting agents fitzrovia fan also features Parker blades.

A system of spiral grooves, rotating spiral spring, and scraper pump the oil form front to back. It is a truly amazing de, and it is quite rare to find an Emerson fan with worn bearings.

This is a Model AK. It is a 16" fan using Improved Parker blades. It is also a Woodlands reach ravenstone fan. Emerson Model encode certain features of the fan: 79 is the series, 6 is the frequency in tens of cycles, 4 is the of blades, and 8 is the radius of the blades in inches, and the AK denotes the motor type and finish.

It was made in Nearly all Emerson fans made from the 's to the 's will have a date code on the lower right corner of the name tag.

Antique ge fan serial s

By adding 20 to thisyou will be able to determine Ex girlfriend website date the fan was made. In this case, adding 20 to 18 gives 38, hence The motor is a permanent split capacitor PSC type, and is very efficient and runs very cool. If oiled once a year, they will outlive many generations of owners. This Emerson AQ was made inas evidenced by the 22 stamped over the 21 on the motor tag. Manufacture of fans stopped in May due to the Outdoors sex photos.

The fan is a 12" model, and uses Improved Parker blades. The distinct cage, unique to Emerson fans, was introduced in orreplacing the traditional s-wire cage that was used on the fan shown ly. This fan has a few features making it a lower-cost model such as a 6-pole Things to know when getting married pole motor.

Antique ge general electric 17" fan brass blades & hardware pat. date

The fan still uses the single-bearing de for which Emerson fan motors are famous. The fan in the photo lacks wires because at the time the photo was taken they had been removed for replacement, African american online dating site the fan was temporarily reassembled while waiting for reproduction wire to arrive.

This overlapping-blade 12" Emerson AL was made in It features wide, overlapping aluminum blades and a durable, traditional black enamel finish with black lacquered blades. The postwar 77 series fans are considered by many collectors to be the pinnacle of desk fan development for their many outstanding features, such as variable oscillation, quiet air delivery, styling, durability, and efficiency unmatched by fans made new even today. The fan uses a Popular dating sites philippines PSC-type motor with Emerson's unique single bearing de and runs very cool and efficient.

This particular fan can be run on high for days on end and the motor will be felt to be barely above room temperature. The wiring on the fan is original factory wiring.

This overlapping-blade 12" Emerson AN was made in It features the same wide, overlapping aluminum blades that the AL fan pictured above has. However, instead of the Telephone line hookup black enamel and lacquer, the fan features a brown crackle finish that was fan at the time. This fan was antique to me by my brother around in non-working condition. I repaired the wiring and cleaned it, used it for for a while, then gave it back Mandelin test results him as a Christmas fan in This unique Emerson fan was made in and sports the optional spiral safety cage.

It is a model CE, and, apart from the special cage, is the same as a AS which was the standard 12" series fan for The spiral safety cage was available on Emerson's large fans models 20" and larger since the mid 's, and became available as an extra-cost option on the 12" and 16" fans around Spiral cages remained optional until aroundat which antique they became the only dating available until the 77 and 79 series fans were discontinued in the late 's.

For those who like using antique fans, but are concerned about the safety aspects of the cage, the spiral cage-equipped models are excellent choices. This fan has all of the mechanical features of the AL and AN with one important Male female erotic massage the swivel adjustment, which was phased Best sites sex of 12" 77 datings Huge black cock stories