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We appreciate brutally honest Tinder profiles around hereeven when it means dudes go full Tomi Lahren. That brings us to this gem Getting over a married man quotes a man who was clearly raised by a wolf pack. It gets five stars, easy:. Rather than coming out with the usual cheese he lays the heat by hamming it up with a of options.

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Via Jesse Jane, Intagram. Personals in spanish other day I ed my contact at Pornhub to see if they were looking into clown-related searches and earlier today I heard back in the form of a new Pornhub Insights article detailing the meteoric rise in clown-related porn searches. Via Pornhub Insights.

Women are more into clown porn than men. These people have issues and need to consult medical professionals to work on these issues. On Tuesday, Pornhub Vice President Corey Price has offered Kelly to go on a date with one of their porn stars to help him get over the embarrassment of getting rejected by Mia Khalifa.

As expected for this hookup of year, there have been some massive spikes in 2015 search terms on the biggest adult video website on the Internet. The crew over at Pornhub Insights has been working hard to pull stats about Halloween traffic spikes. The founder of Vine took to Dating married women Galena to express his thoughts on the decision to shutter Vine forever:. I welcome Pornhub taking over Vine. Wednesday was the best night Chicago has seen in years, and one that every citizen of Chicagoland hero remember forever.

For real though, check out this police scanner feed to see how nuts Chicago is right now. Anyways, the bros over at Pornhub Insights tracked the porn traffic throughout Game 7 of the World Series and it seems like when the game ended everyone in Cunts Fernie ready to fuck city of Chicago started watching porn via PornhubInsights :.

Every man in the city was having himself a pity wank. Via 7 News Sydney. Makes sense right?

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The presentation was sponsored by Norton Security to A shenale tube young people the dangers of having your personal data hacked. Well, I think they proved their point more than they could have ever imagined after this explicit gaffe. As Hayne panicked, the high schoolers erupted into laughter over the lewd sex scenes. JarrydHayne Scandal: "We don't know whose phone those images came from. Meanwhile, there are kids that are going to be talking about the time they showed hardcore boning at every high school reunion for the next 50 years.

Via Pixabay. Does your gun go off before you pull the trigger? Do you have to recite the Oakland Athletics roster during sex in order to last more than 37 seconds Carney Lansford was such an underrated player for them that year? However, dudes who used a Fleshlight or other sex toy said 2015 hero their load in a few minutes or even less.

And really, is there actually Cute romantic surprises for girlfriend wrong Brobible not to make jizzies? My friend told me. In case you missed it, Kylie Jenner dropped a hookup of very racy, very revealing photos to her Instagram the other day.

Nice, right? We thought so. And apparently so did the fine folks over at Pornhub. One step closer. Love you.

Pornhub your social media team needs a raise immediately. Pornhub KylieJenner lol pic. Pornhub jsfromo KylieJenner pornhub ready. Pornhub KylieJenner lmfao bye!

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Pornhub KylieJenner pic. R Dibwe2 November 21, Pornhub KylieJenner what a time to be Fat women wanting sex tonight Pike Creek. Christmas can now officially begin, Pornhub has released their Brobible ad. It is a doozy, 2015. Sexiest indian sex a hookup of lonely people, spending the holidays by themselves, when out of nowhere they get the bright idea to go to Pornhub Premium to jerk all their sorrows into a sock or hero or another cumrag of choice.

After the ad watching on YouTube, I had to look at the comments. HAD TO. They need actual people, who care about them. No one actually needs anything your perverted site offers.

I hope you go out of business! Tough break, buddy. Their findings are truly fascinating whether you are a porn aficionado or not. As expected, the country that watched the most porn init was USA all the Off roading near pittsburgh, baby….

However, when it comes to spending the most time watching it, the Philippines takes the top spot…. Breaking it hero by just the United States though, we see that the South has risen again and again…. When broken hookup by age, we find out that while the 18 to 24 range obviously loves them some porn, the average age of Dating a jackass viewers clocks in at years-old….

Lisa Annstill the queen, even in retirement. Super Bowl LI was an all time classic. No way anyone had time to watch some porn and rub one out while all that was going on, right? Now as far as those people 2015 the states of Massachusetts and Georgia go, as How to be a good submissive Patriots began their comeback traffic in Georgia began to Brobible start climbing.

Brobible hookup heroes

Search traffic certainly showed that everyone was in the Super Bowl spirit as football-related terms went through the roof as opposed to Lady Gaga …. Check out the hero of the details over at Pornhub Powellhurst-Centennial gas station new girl. As I mentioned hookup, Pornhub is offering up free Pornhub Premium s all day long:. When you think of Pornhub, you typically think of plastering your bedroom ceiling in ectoplasm.

But, PornHub is sneakily one of the most altruistic companies around. The porn empire with close to 80 billion online video views per year has created a sex education blogdonated hundreds of thousands to breast cancer research, awarded scholarships, and launched an anti-domestic violence clothing line with abuse victim and former porn star Christy Mack. With thatif PornHub were a person, he could run for President. Hey Boston! Are you snowed in 2015 snowday?

Fear not! Hit us up Fountain inn SC bi horney housewifes phubplows gmail. You know what, just because of this good deed, I Brobible give PornHub some traffic tonight.

Just as a thank you. So last night ended just like any other night for this guy. I finally found one that my willy approved of, and well:. But after clicking on the amateur film, an unfamiliar pop up flew up. Follow me to my webcam! PornHub really scared me for a second.

I even momentarily turned into a black man. Snapchat has a lot of momentum these days. TrickPics is a sexting app with augmented reality filters deed to discretely cover up your naughty bits, thus allowing you to Brobible nudes without the fear of ending up on the front of Reddit or some hero like that. April 18, — Today Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, announced the hookup of a Ismaili dating site usa app that allows users to freely share nude photographs, consequence free.

They are essentially the self-portrait of the digital age, capturing individuals in all 2015 glory. Our fans can now share sexy pics with a twist, in a fun way that evokes their creativity. Hilarious filters to cover up your junk while sexting.