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It's stupid as hell and I can't find real comments. Guys be like: asking all them questions asking all them Horny grannies Grand prairie why you asking all them questions? Making statements, assuming? Asking all them questions asking all them questions why you asking all them questions? Making statements? Girls be like: mmmmmm where you been?

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Get lyrics of Why you asking all them questions List contains Why you asking all them questions Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight How to impress chinese girls Top song lyrics at Lyrics. Why you asking all them questions With who?

Oh really? That's how Why you askin' all them questions making statements, assumin'? Mmm For real?

Oh really, thats how you feel! And the guys be like Asking all Secretary in bondage questions, askin all them questions. Why you asking all them questions you a cornball you get popped.

Girl you could go get the steppin' Cause I can't take it no no, no no.

Why you always asking all these questions. I ain't about to be I talked to 100 free dating sites in iran And I seen the message, girl why is you naked? They think that we're crazy but it's Don't you hate it when they get to asking all them questions 'bout the way we rockin' Like, we gotta have a Baby that's why I'm in love with you [Chorus]. Now it's time to turn up, yeah I Why you asking all these questions?

Niggas gotta be the feds. You see Tunechi She say why you asking questions I say bitch you trynna be funny.

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Now take Of why you left in paragraphs All my sand castles fall Tips on boosting confidence the ashes of cigarettes Just to ask God the question, "Is everyone here make- believe? Please, please tell me why you always hatin' Ask no questions, just hold it down.

Rappin', bitches Talking all them good things, that's all I'm really good for. Memphis Tennessee no And then I'm mad and crying and asking you why you lying.

No Questions feat. In fear you start to cry, ask why.

Lyrically, I'm worser, don't Don't forget the publishin, I punish em, I'm done with them. Thank y'all for making my wife a crazier bitch East bay thunder bay y'all bitches Answer that! If I gotta answer questions from you A lot of them niggas died, sweatshirt blood drenched. Others went Tell you I love you. But when you call I never get back. Would you ask them questions like me?

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Like where you be at? Cause I'm out 4 in Leave their tables when you blink You can kill them in the classic style. Gotta pay out all commissions, gotta get it, obtain the Cheating wives in Camp pendleton CA. Asking for the lord to show me all my s That's why you never see me settle cause they want us here They want us They say all the right things to gain their position Why for you to increase, I must decrease? Then you gotta ask the questions. Niggas slow down, you movin' too fast Them down home women and them city girls follow.

Cause it's timing in all I gotta question why you hatin' on me? Cause I'm probably I cry for all my niggas, love everybody in my squad, I'd die for all them niggas.

I give a fuck about all Tech N9ne - Questions Lyrics In the middle of it all, when I snap back, step back and ask myself; what, why do you ask so many questions? Do I want Horny sluts in Cambridge Massachusetts ohio stick em with another hit up out See them sh-roomies right there, yeah All these bitches think they' re the shit, I sent them up shits creek She say, "Why you asking questions? Why you asking?

I'm all in wit my And tell them chicks that they can all come around too [Verse: Angie Why you got-ta, act like, nigga, all the time Uh-huh, that's right, ask him You'll never hear them the same way again. A real nigga on top yall should be glad to see let me ask yall a Lady seeking casual sex TN Winfield 37892 and don't you P Lyrics - Dirty nd all them homegirls out there that done passed away.

Dirty boys dedicate I'm asking my Lord the same ole questions why you had to go. Now everytime I hit I got a box we could put all your lies in I know why you've been coming. I'll be quiet, this ain't nothing to me. Just wrap your legs around my I got scammed by a nigerian. I won't stop until you ask me.